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Hello, everyone this is Marcus Moogs little Web page.
The soul purpose of this page is that you can see , who Marcus is.
So you can put a face with your prayers.


to find out more

Hi, my name is Marcus, I am 3 years old. I live in Indiana with my mommy.
My mommy's name is Betsy but I call her mommy, I think that she is buful. (beautiful)
(Insert pic of Marcus and Betsy)
While mommy is working I go to daycare. I play with other kids there and we have fun
and my Mommy picks me up after work and we spend lots of time together.
If I'm not with mommy I am with my Grandpa and Grandma or my Mark and Suzy Or my Ber (Amber)
Angie or playing with my Uncle Jar (J.R.) & Aunt Lindsay we live in the country and there are a lot of Farms, I love b bines (Combines) and Tractors.
My favorite country singer Is Nia, (Shaina Twain) I also like baseball, My Mark and Suzy and Mommy took me to my 1st game.
Where I got My own hat, and shirt and autographed baseball from the team.. My favorite sayings are "Whazzup" and "NO" and
"Why"?  And "Mommy did it", and "I got you babe".

On, Sunday's my mommy and I go to church where they sing songs to the Lord and the Pastor talks about Jesus and prays. Lately our Pastor and the rest of the people have been praying for Mommy and me.
You see I have just got back from Riley's Hospital where I had test done. We found out that I have Membranoproliferative TYPE II which only 6 people out of a hundred thousand get. I have a lot of people who love me and they have faith that with all your prayers God can heal me.